Futures Unlocked has built strong partnerships with a number of prisons releasing prisoners to Warwickshire.  We also work closely with local Community Safety Partnerships, the probation and police services and voluntary sector providers.

We are a multi-faith organisation representing diverse faith backgrounds. We  encourage volunteer involvement and work with clients from all backgrounds whether they profess a faith or not.

Established in 2007 through a desire to create an organisation which directly engages communities in supporting ex-offenders, providing greater opportunities for ex-offenders to genuinely reintegrate and helping to break the cycle of offending.

Futures Unlocked initially worked with clients returning to Leicestershire and Rutland. The project’s success led to a request to replicate the model in Rugby and in 2010 the service was extended to support clients returning to Warwickshire.


What we do

We meet our clients in the last few months of their sentence to establish their needs and goals. We are available to meet them at the gate on the day of their release and to offer support, advice signposting as appropriate during the challenging first weeks and months after their release. We support our clients to access support and services in the following areas:

NOMs pathways2

The average length of time we support our clients is 12 weeks.


Impact of our work

Working with Rugby Community Safety Partnership we carried out a study of a cohort of our clients. Comparing re-offending rates a year after working with us to the national average:

 before              after                 

This has been a great encouragement to us and shows the impact that our work has in reducing the likelihood of re-offending.