Futures Unlocked is governed by local volunteer Trustees who bring a variety of expereince to the meetings.  

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         Mark Mansell (Chair)         Dr Geoff Waghorn (Treasurer)


                       laura b                                      sarah e

                      Laura Furness                                        Sarah Elliott


                       STEPHEN BAILEY                                        LES GILL

                           Stephen Bailey                                             Rev. Les Gill


Between them they have significant legal, prison, business and resettlement experience and can be found doing a variety of tasks anything from lodging accounts to changing locks…

We have a small staff team                                                                                                                                              
                    PJ 5 2                               JP 1                  

                        Philip Jones                                         John Powell                           

              Acting Operation Manager                            Community Chaplain

                & Community Chaplain                       Covering Hewell & South Warwickshire

            Covering HMP Featherstone

                and North Warwickshire 


                                                                       Olakunle Ikuomola  

                                                Olakunle Ikuomola

                                               Volunteer Coordinator  

We have nearly 50 volunteers,  providing mentoring support in the community,  doing prison pick-ups and helping our clients stay out of prison with practical and emotional support. We also have volunteers in the cafĂ© serving barista coffees and building our customer base.

*Our Community Chaplains are not religiously ordained so are unfortunately not available for weddings - the title is because historically pastoral support for prisoners has come through the Chaplaincy.