Futures Unlocked is an established multi-faith and non-faith Community Chaplaincy working In Warwickshire to increase community safety, reduce re-offending and strengthen our communities.  

We are an inclusive organisation, which encourages volunteer involvement and works with clients from all backgrounds.




Core Mentoring  - 1:1 mentoring to ex-offenders returning to Warwickshire, through the prison gate and in the community, using local volunteers who provide prison pick-ups and emotional and practical support to our clients using person-centred approaches.

TTG Mentoring – as above but short programme (4 sessions)  funded by the CRC

"Man Up" an identity/relationships programme which uses games and drama to challenge negative male  stereotypes and emotional/relationship issues that can lead to gangs, domestic violence and radicalisation. 

Welfare Fund to provide clothes replacement birth certificates and other essential items to rebuild a life.


"Moriarty's" a community interest company CIC café, art gallery and shop  which opened in June 2016, to provide our clients and other community members with qualifications  and work placements and  to generate revenue for our organisation. The gallery and shop space offers local artists and community groups retail and exhibition space to generate funds.


Bike Project In partnership with Virgin trains, Halfords and HMP Onley (a local prison) abandoned bikes from the trains are refurbished in the prison, which provides purposeful work for prisoners. We distribute them to our clients (to help with employability) and also to young people in our community in need.


Our outcomes for community volunteer mentoring are measured against the Police National Computer. In 2014 we saved Warwickshire £234,000.000 in diverted crime. Only 35% of our clients re-offend compared to the national average of 46.9% (MOJ 2016)  We work in partnership with probation, police, community drug and alcohol teams, homeless charities and many other partners.  We average 60 open cases at any one time; 30 in prison and 30 in the community. 71% of our clients experienced positive outcomes despite the fact that many are persistent and prolific offenders with complex needs and index offences often linked to drug misuse and violence. We have a successful model and are a respected community resource.

Our proudest achievements are :
•    the men and women who use our support to transform their lives,
contributing to their families and communities and overcoming unspeakable backstories and challenges.

•    our volunteers who amaze us with their dedication loyalty and resourcefulness, contributing
 a wide range of skills from mentoring sex offenders to unblocking drains

•    our staff team who have responded to the massive upheaval and uncertainty in the sector
creativly, bringing increased opportunities and resources to our client group

In 2015 we created 55 volunteering opportunities, Community mentoring, TTG prison pickups, Man Up training in prison, Administration and Governance.



Our focus in the plan is to deliver our charitable objectives whilst increasing our sustainability through generating revenue and the use of volunteers. This is a reflection not only of the current economic climate, but more importantly of our aim to increase “community ownership” of our client group:- From the executive who causes a fatal RTA by falling asleep at the wheel to the veteran heroin addict who is homeless on release; these men and women are members of our community.

Our clients have always been our priority. Increasingly, we understand their effective support in the context of family and community, and therefore, recognize our support needs to be both direct (mentoring for the client, projects in prison) and indirect (support for the family members, volunteers who work with clients and other relevant community inclusion groups). Our priorities in the new plan reflect this understanding. Our projects include the wider community whilst prioritising our clients - as creating support only accessible by our clients perpetuates their isolation from the community.


•    Clients/prisoners  
•    Families
•    Young people
•    Our Volunteers


•    Reducing reoffending/Increasing Community Safety
•    Sustainability
•    Equality Diversity and Inclusion.

We are also mindful of the way that our services are funded and delivered looking to reduce reoffending and increase community safety through models that are sustainable, respectful and inclusive. We use person-centered approaches, implementing best practice from desistance theory and co-production models with our clients and provide high quality, professional conditions for our volunteers including individual support, a variety of rewarding opportunities, accreditation and reflective practice. Volunteers are unique in the support they offer as they have no vested interest in the client’s progress. They are a powerful metaphor demonstrating to the client that they still belong to the community.

As an organisation with a faith background, ethical considerations steer our work.

We all need somewhere to live, something to do and someone to love.
It’s as simple and as complicated as that

(Charles Frazer Founder St Mungos)