In line with the Government’s new Transforming Rehabilitation Agenda, Warwickshire has been allocated 3 resettlement prisons where Warwickshire prisoners will begin their “through the gate” resettlement journey.

The prisons are 

HMP Featherstone in Wolverhampton

HMP Hewell in Reddich  

HMP YOI Glen Parva in Leicestershire.

We are developing relationships with these prisons to ensure that Warwickshire prisoners are offered the support they need and to access Futures Unlocked mentoring  pre-release.

The Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014 has divided the country into 21 geographical Contract Package Areas  (CPAs ) Warwickshire is in CPA 12:  West Mercia and Warwickshire.

The probation service has been split to manage two distinct levels of risk . Those prisoners who are the highest risk to the community will be managed directly by the National Probation Service (NPS) and the remainder will be  managed through local Community Rehabilitation Companies  (CRCs) covering the Contract Package Areas. Our  CRC is called People Plus.