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We are pleased to welcome you as a user of a room at Futures Unlocked.
Letting fees are set simply to cover running expenses. This being the case we ask that you, along with all the other users of the premises, assist us in keeping such costs to a minimum by careful use of the fabric and prudent use of the services. 

Before you fill out the following booking form, we would like to make you aware of a number of policies we hold in relation to the booking of rooms.

If for any reason beyond our control you are unable to make use of one of your sessions then the following applies:

- Cancellation greater than 60 days prior to date of use full refund less 15% administration fee.  
- Cancellation between 30 and 60 days prior to date of use 50% refund.
- Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the date of use no refund.
You may wish to consider taking cancellation insurance but Futures Unlocked can give no advice on this matter.

If the booking is for a series of dates this agreement is subject to one months notice on either side within three months of the start date as stated above and three months notice on either side thereafter.

I agree with the Fees and Administration Policies. *

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The following are our General Terms and Conditions. We urge you to download this from our website if you are to make a booking with us.

There is no on-site parking, however John Barford Car Park is only one minute away and there is short-stay paid parking outside of the premises.

You may have been allocated a key, or it may have been arranged for the doors to be open, in either case you are requested to keep the security of the building and its contents in mind. Our insurance will not cover the loss of money or property left on the premises, even for a short while, occupied or not. Please do have regard for security when you leave ensuring code lock doors are shut and the front door locked if you have a key. Please only use the time allocated to you.

If you are the last group in the building, please turn off the lights.

Please use care when using the heating and turn off when it is not needed.

Moriarty’s Café and Gallerywill be happy to provide refreshments for your meetings. This is at an additional cost payable to Moriarty’s. Please make any arrangements direct with the Moriarty’s café manager in advance. (Allyson.college@futuresunlocked.org). You are welcome to use the café as paying customer without advance booking during the café opening hours Tues- Sat 10am-3pm.

All of your equipment should be removed from the premises. Long term users may be allocated storage space if essential; please see staff. We have limited office and training equipment for use. Please as staff for details or email admin@futuresunlocked.org for more information.

Please take care when moving furniture in order to avoid injury and damage. If in any doubt please speak with a member of
Futures Unlockedstaff.

Please avoid bringing mud into the premises on shoes, pushchairs or wheelchairs etc.

SMOKING, INCLUDING E-CIGARETTES, IS NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISES. There is a smokers’ area in the courtyard at the back of the building. Please ask staff about access.

Consumption of alcohol is not encouraged- please speak to staff with any queries.

A4 size posters may be placed on the notice board or outside by arrangement with staff. All other notices must be free standing boards or table-top displays and must be removed after the meeting or event.

Room fees are set by the Trustees in conjunction with the Treasurer and may be reviewed at any time. In the case of long term users any changed rate will be discussed. Any damage should be notified and must be paid for. Long term bookings will be invoiced monthly. For any queries please email emma.wells@futuresunlocked.org.

Please arrange for one person in your group to be responsible for fire alarm response, a fire policy is available to read in the office.

First Aid
A First Aid Box is located in the office on the shelf next to the safe.

You will have booked a room or rooms for your use. Please do not use any other areas of the building except the rooms you have been allocated.

All furniture should be put back at the end of each session and the room left in a good state of cleanliness. Cleaning equipment is available and all users should clear away their own rubbish, wipe down the surfaces and tables etc. and sweep/mop or vacuum the areas used as necessary, particularly kitchen and toilet.

I agree to the above terms and conditions.*

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If you selected 'Arrange at another time, please get in touch with our Cafe Manager by emailing: allyson.colledge@futuresunlocked.org .

Number of Participants:

Tea and Coffee Urns with the option of biscuits cost £5.

Please input your requirements:
If you answered anything other than 'none', then please input the time you require this. You can choose more than one:
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